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Natural Fiber Weaving Series

April 12th to 15th 2017

Thanks to you all, the exhibition went smoothly.
I am honored to have had good responses here in Dubai.
In addition to art fans, I was able to talk directly with specialists in various fields such as environment, biology, fashion, gallery etc.
"Carries so much meaning" - Immediately people understood the significance of Natural Fiber Weaving Series,
and these experiences gave me great encouragement for future production.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart...

"Beautiful, Amazing, Unique, A great example of real sustainability, I have never seen before etc.,"

2017.04.14 News Paper "Five-senses east-and-west at World Art Dubai 2017 Japan Zone" / Al Bayan Press
2017.04.14 アル・バヤン新聞 「ワールド・アート・ドバイ2017 ジャパンゾーン特集」 / 取材記事掲載

2017.04.14 NET News "World Art Dubai 2017 " / Al roeya Press on Twitter
2017.04.14 ネットニュース 「ワールド・アート・ドバイ2017 」 / 取材動画配信


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